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Puja Tomar compares the Support for Elvish Yadav and Support for Athletes

LockerRoom Team
21 February 2024

Puja Tomar, the first Indian female MMA fighter to sign with the UFC, recently shared her thoughts on the support given to reality show winners versus athletes representing the nation in competitions, highlighting the case of Elvish Yadav, winner of Bigg Boss. Tomar's comments shed light on the challenges faced by athletes like her in securing recognition and support.

Born in the small town of Budhana in northern India, Tomar's journey to the pinnacle of MMA was marked by hardships and determination. Raised in a farming family after her father's untimely demise when she was just seven years old, Tomar balanced her education with helping out on the family farm, displaying a passion for sports from an early age.

Despite the limited opportunities in her hometown, Tomar harbored dreams of achieving greatness in sports. Inspired by local martial artists practising outside her home, she began her training informally, eventually transitioning to wushu and then to MMA. Her success in national championships and her explosive start in MMA caught the attention of her family and earned her acceptance and support, despite initial reservations.

Reflecting on the disparity in support between reality show winners and athletes, Tomar pointed out the challenges faced by athletes who represent the nation on the global stage. In an interview with Riya Upreti, she highlighted the case of Elvish Yadav, who received support from the Haryana Government following his Bigg Boss win.

“Recently, this person won the Bigg Boss reality show, Elvish Yadav. The Haryana Government was supporting him saying that he won. But for the people who actually go outside and represent the nation in competitions, they are not getting proper support,” Puja Tomar noted on her interview with Riya Upreti.

Tomar emphasized the need for equal recognition and support for athletes who dedicate themselves to representing the country in sports competitions.

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