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Israel Adesanya thinks that people like Andrew Tate are reviving masculinity

LockerRoom Team
17 April 2023

Israel Adesanya is all praise for Andrew Tate.

Israel Adesanya, the middleweight champion of the UFC, recently praised Andrew Tate, a contentious online celebrity. Tate is still under house arrest in Romania despite just being released from custody.

'The Last Stylebender' also linked David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL turned motivational speaker, and messianic male rights campaigner Jordan Peterson to Tate. On the Honey Badger Hour podcast, the former mixed martial artist and UFC middleweight champion spoke to Emilio Urrutia.

Adesanya further compared the "emasculation" of men now to a time when kings would kill every young man in competing kingdoms in order to maintain their dominance.

"At least read the article before you make an informed decision. And sometimes even the articles, depends where you get it from, they could be salacious, slanderous, misleading, but Jordan, Andrew, Dave Goggins, guys like that, they are the ones who are really pushing men to be accountable as men. You know, the world right now is trying to soften us,” he said in the clip which is now viral on Twitter.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a British former kickboxing world champion, entrepreneur, and social media personality. Tate is known for his controversial opinions and lifestyle, which have earned him a sizable following on social media.

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Despite the controversies surrounding him, Tate has a large and devoted following on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. He has used his platform to promote his businesses and to share his views on a variety of topics. Tate is known for his brash and confrontational style, and is often involved in online feuds with other social media personalities and public figures.

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