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Alan Fenandes announced as GAMMAF director for Asia

LockerRoom Team
28 February 2023

Alan Fenandes has been announced as the Director of Asia for The Global Authority for Mixed Martial Arts Federations (GAMMAF). The announcement was made by GAMMAF through their social media pages. You can see the statement from GAMMAF below.

“On February 14th, 2023 The Global Authority for Mixed Martial Arts Federations announced new member countries and new continental directors as part of its International board. This new management began operations at MFN 10 in Dubai with the announcement of Khalid Al Awar as the new GAMMAF Chairman.

WCK master Instructor John Groves III was announced as chief representative for GAMMAF Brazil. TUF season 5 finale contestant Andy Wang was announced as chief representative for GAMMAF China, Mikhail Makhnev was announced as chief representative for GAMMAF Russia and MFN's Alan Fenandes was announced as the new GAMMAF director for Asia. While Jitu Jain continues his tenure as GAMMAF India's chief representative, headlines were made as Tanya Isaac was announced as the new National commissioner of the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association[ GAMMAF India].

With the GAMMAF motto 'Unity through Combat Sports' being flashed across the GAMMAF website and speaking during a recent interview GAMMAF director for Asia - Alan Fenandes said "There's no conflict of interest within our board members ONLY 'common interest' towards development of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Alan's new role with GAMMAF would focus around establishing MFN alongside GAMMAF International protocols within the Asian continent.Finding key and similar synergies in this part of world.Alan alongside GAMMAF has already established a very top notch mma ecosystem in India and UAE via MFN and promises to bring it to more Asian countries in the future.

As per the original vision GAMMAF founder Dan Isaac said "We will continue to strive for the promotion of health & safety norms for MMA athletes and Integrity & accountability among MMA officials "

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