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You are out, Sean Strickland is in: Israel Adesanya blasts Dricus Du Plessis

LockerRoom Team
21 July 2023

The highly anticipated grudge match for the UFC middleweight title between champion Israel Adesanya and challenger Dricus Du Plessis is facing uncertainty even before it's officially signed.

Israel Adesanya took to Twitter on Wednesday with a video post, revealing that the South African contender, Du Plessis, suffered a foot injury, potentially preventing him from competing at UFC 293 in September.

Consequently, Adesanya mentioned that he is now considering top middleweight contender Sean Strickland as his first choice, while Du Plessis will have to wait for another opportunity. Here is what Adesanya had to say.

“I don’t even know how to start this, but ‘Dricus du P****,’ you f****** b****. [Du Plessis said], ‘Oh, all he had to do is put some gloves [on], I was ready to go again.’ No, you weren’t, you’re a b****. That’s why you’re not taking this fight. Your foot’s sore. N****, my knee was jacked, too, from my last fight. Guess what I did? I showed up, because that’s what a f****** champion does. Championship-caliber, built differently. A lot of you fighters talk about, ‘Oh I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.’ No, you won’t. I do. Alex Volkanovski does. We’re built different.

“I’m at the gym right now, about to get some work. So, I’m fighting in Sydney. I don’t give a f*** who. ‘D***less du P****,’ ha-had, d***less, f*** off. You’re out. Strickland, you’re in, let’s do the man-dance, show you how to really dance. But yeah, I’m just tired of all you guys talking s*** about, ‘I can fight, I can fight.’ No you can’t, you p****, you b****.”

The rivalry between Adesanya and Du Plessis intensified after the latter's impressive victory over former champ Robert Whittaker at UFC 290. During the post-fight confrontation inside the cage, Du Plessis fueled the fire by stating his intention to bring a title belt to Africa, emphasizing his African heritage within the UFC.

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This remark didn't sit well with Adesanya, who saw it as a slight to his own African identity despite his longtime residence in New Zealand. He immediately called out Du Plessis, accusing him of being divisive, though Du Plessis clarified that his words were misinterpreted by the media.

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Nevertheless, Adesanya was present cage side during Du Plessis' fight with Whittaker, clearly ready to confront him in the cage at the first opportunity.


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