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Adesanya has lost it in his head: Coach Morne Vissar calls out Ariel Helwani

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Calendar Icon19 July 2023

As the highly anticipated clash between Dricus Du Plessis and Israel Adesanya approaches, coach Morne Vissar has urged true MMA fans to stay focused on the sport and not get caught up in unnecessary hype or controversies.

In a passionate statement, Vissar emphasizes the importance of leaving personal differences aside and focusing on the warrior spirit of the fighters. He dismisses attempts to manipulate the narrative surrounding the fight, urging fans to let MMA itself be the victor.

Vissar emphasizes that the fight business transcends racial, ethnic, and religious differences, urging fans to focus on the present and future rather than dwelling on the past. As a coach for both white and black South African fighters, Vissar highlights the unity and collective effort that drives their success. He dismisses attempts to create divisions or stir controversy, encouraging everyone to work together towards a common goal.

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In his statement, Vissar criticizes media figures who attempt to sensationalize and manipulate the fight for personal gain. He specifically mentions Ariel Helwani, a renowned MMA journalist, calling him a "butt licker" and urging fans not to be influenced by such individuals. Vissar emphasizes the need for true MMA and UFC fans to discern between genuine excitement for the sport and attempts to create unnecessary drama.

You can see the statement below.

“True MMA fans !!!

This is the fight business (not race, not colour nor religion). Izzy said some stupid things like we all do when we had to much to drink, forget about it !!! Don’t get brain washed by fn nobody’s like Helwani the “butt licker”.

As all white and black South Africans we don’t even talk about the past. We work towards the future,getting involved into something you don’t even understand and baiting it out for your own little glory “FU” !!!!

Dricus and Izzy will fight and when they are in the cage and the gate go’s click click they will be on there own. None of the bullshit above matters its a warrior against a warrior and who ever did his homework will be the victor.

Please don’t jump on the band wagon and support these idiots trying hype the fight, this fight I promise you will hype itself.

Izzy said allot of dump things (always the sign of someone who already lost it in his head) so he will get his hiding come fight night. Like we have proven fight after fight, we don’t give up !!!

So please let MMA be the victor here not some bullshit like the bud licker is trying to make it out to be.”

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