Kazakh boxer walks out with Ukraine flag, calls Putin a killer after his win

Kazakh boxer Temirlan Rakumov was in action in the United States last day as he went up against local boxer Isa Sheldon in an event promoted by the RDR Boxing Promotions in Philadelphia.

While Rakumov secured a huge win in the fight, what made headlines was the fact that he carried a Ukraine flag with him and called Russian President Vladimir Putin a Killer after his victory.

Rakumov said that his coach and his uncle is from Ukraine and added that innocent people are dying in the country.

“I want to express support for Ukraine because my coach is from Ukraine, my uncle is from Ukraine. There is a war going on right now in Ukraine. It's very terrible. Innocent people are dying there. No war, no war! Only peace. Putin is a killer,” he said in the post-fight interview.

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You can watch the complete video of the post-fight speech below.

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