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Exclusive: Somesh Kamra opens up about the Mangalore expansion of Superhuman Gym

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Calendar Icon31 October 2020

A few months back, Superhuman Gym had announced an initiative through which they were hoping to help out gyms and personnel in the fitness industry which was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first success story of the initiative has now come out of Mangalore. The team has expanded to the city successfully with more expansion plans in the pipeline as well.

We managed to catch up with Superhuman Gym founder Somesh Kamra to talk about the expansion to Mangalore, the response to the campaign, hosting events, and much more. Below is what he had to say.

Response to the campaign

“After our social media post of helping Gyms during and post the lockdown, we got over 500 inquiries from Gym owners from across the country asking for help. It was overwhelming. The situation is grim and alarming. Being a responsible brand, we discussed internally and felt we needed to contribute in some way that would help the ecosystem survive and try to save as many jobs as possible.”

The new expansion to Mangalore

“We started speaking to the owners and chalking notes to understand their issue, roadblocks, and where we could fit in to help them. The process is slow and long drawn as there are various issues at multiple levels to tackle with. However, we are dedicated to the cause and vouch we will do our best. Our first expansion plan is in the wonderful city of Mangalore. It’s a 4,000 sqft fight gym that will focus on Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and basic Strength Coaching. We overcame their challenges and restructured some important aspects. Our Mangalore partners are competent and they completely believe in the team at Superhuman. They have further invested in converting their gym to a Superhuman Gym and we are happy to have them as a part of the Superhuman family,”

How Superhuman Gym still thrives during the pandemic

“The fitness industry has been hit very badly. Like most brick and mortar businesses where overheads are a major concern, the fitness business continues to suffer.

We at Superhuman have a solid business model with a very credible team that backs the business fundamentals and makes the facility profitable. We focus on helping the gym business owners and it’s a proven fact that Superhuman is the only fitness company on an expansion spree during these difficult times.

We continue to stick to our fundamentals and believe in our unit to deliver at all levels. It’s good to see our team is proud to be associated and working with a company like Superhuman Gym. We haven't let go of any of our staff and have also compensated them during the pandemic. I feel the relationship between the employees and the employer has to have an emotional quotient along with the practical aspect. I think we have done really well in that aspect.”

About hosting events in Manipal in association with Roar Championship:

“We always wanted to host events. With the fabulous infrastructure that we provide, having an event was always on our agenda. We know our strong points and our bandwidth is currently engaged in helping other gym owners and expanding our brand.

We got acquainted with the team at Roar Championship and had a series of meetings to chalk a way forward. We found them hard-working, dedicated, and the correct team to partner with to launch the events segment at Superhuman. With Roar Championship, we hope to nurture homegrown grassroots talent and possibly groom them to bigger promotions.

The ecosystem of Superhuman is complete. With a world-class facility, athlete management, and now an event segment, we hope to create a transparent system for fighters, coaches, and our organization to grow”

Future plans that are in place:

“We have already started working on a few more Gym expansion projects along with the 8 lined up events over the next 5 months with Roar Championship. My commitments with UFC on Sony Ten too are going to get aggressively pushed. We don’t want too much on our plates so as to not give full justice to what we intend to do. But our plans are aggressive and the team is solid. I am certain 2021 is going to be a great year for Superhuman. LockerRoom will be the first to know”

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