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Superhuman Gym launches initiative to help COVID-19 impacted Fitness Industry

LockerRoom Team
31 May 2020

Superhuman Gym has announced a new initiative through which they hope to help out the people in the Fitness industry that has been impacted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The announcement was made by the gym last day through their social media channels and is expected to spark off a ripple effect in the fitness industry which is notoriously diverse.

For the uninitiated, the fitness industry in India has been hit hard due to the COVID-19 lockdown across the nation. The gyms have been forced to remain closed for nearly three months and considering the proposal for the fifth stage of lockdown which was put forward by the Central Government last day, the reopening of gyms and fitness centres could be further delayed.

Lakhs of people depend on the fitness industry for a living and the situation has been dire for them as well due to the same. Although many fitness centres have adapted to the situation through online classes, it is only serving as a small term solution.

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The Initiative from Superhuman Gym at such a time is expected to make a much-needed change. Superhuman Gym Owner Somesh Kamra is hoping that the initiative might lead to a ripple effect to unite the diverse fitness industry through which people can help each other in order to keep moving forward.

The gym is currently offering help to three categories and you can read the categories below courtesy of

Gym owners who are struggling to pay rent: Due to the blanket ban on congregations all over India, gyms are having to stop functioning and many gym owners who pay their bills from the revenue they generate through monthly memberships are struggling. If you are in such a situation and would like to know how Superhuman gym can help you, please get in touch.

Gym trainers who have been laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic: Gym trainers who have lost their jobs because their company hasn’t been able to pay them during the pandemic may have trouble finding employment. If so, you can contact Superhuman Gym with your CV to pursue potential employment opportunities.

Gym owners who are looking to sell their property: Gym owners whose revenue streams have been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and are looking to relinquish their property can contact Superhuman Gym to explore solutions.

Anyone belonging to the above categories could reach out to, after which the Superhuman Team will evaluate the individual situations and explore ways in which collaborations can be made. 


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