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Superhuman Battleground: Here is the complete fight card for the event

LockerRoom Team
25 February 2022

Manipal is set to host Superhuman Battleground on 26 February 2022. The event will take place at the Superhuman Gym in Manipal and will have a string of exciting amateur bouts sanctioned by the All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

A combination of Striking MMA, Kickboxing, and MMA bouts will be on the card for the event which will be supported by Josh Fight Club, Kasturba Hospital, UNIIC, and Major Mood Entertainment.

National champion Shebin will be making his return to action on the card when he fights Yashwanth M in a Welterweight bout when Altaf will lock horns with Samid Rahman. The lone women’s bout on the card will see Indiana fighting Ashwini TB in a kickboxing bout.

GAMMA Asian Championship medallist Kishor BK will lock horns with Harisha J in a Striking MMA bout. Kishor’s teammate and KOI Combat Academy’s Abhishek Gowda will fight Santosh Reddy.

Another experienced name in the Indian MMA circuit Dhanjyoti Rabha will fight Shashank R in an MMA bout as well. Vijin vs. Aryan, Sachin Kumar vs. Naveen Kumar, Mahesh Joshi vs. Muhammad Mustafa, Akshay vs. Binu, Kesavan M vs. Jins Jose, Hari Haran vs. Ashiq Riyaz, and a junior bout between Akeef and Purshottam will complete the fight card.

You can see the complete fight card below.

  • 77 Kgs Male Yashwant M vs Shebin (Striking MMA)
  • 70 Kgs Male Altaf vs Samid Rahman (MMA)
  • 66 Kgs Female Indiana vs Ashwini TB (Kickboxing)
  • 52 Kgs Male Harisha J vs Kishor BK (Striking MMA)
  • 61 Kgs Male Santosh Reddy vs Abhi Gowda (Striking MMA)
  • 61 Kgs Male Shashank R vs Dhanjyoti Rabha (MMA)
  • 52 kgs Male Vijin M vs Aryan (Striking MMA)
  • 70 Kgs Male Sachin Kumar N vs Naveen Kumar (Kickboxing)
  • 81 kgs Male Mahesh Joshi vs Muhammed Mustafa (Kickboxing)
  • 70 Kgs Male Akshay vs Binu (Kickboxing)
  • 63 Kgs Male Kesavan M vs Jins Jose (MMA)
  • 60 Kgs Male Hari Haran vs Ashiq Riyaz (Kickboxing)
  • Junior Male Akeef vs Purshottam (MMA)

What are your predictions for the event? Let us know in the comment section of the article below. You can also see the face-off photos from the event below.


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