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Stephen Loman gives his prediction for Bibiano Fernandes vs. John Lineker

LockerRoom Team
09 February 2022

The much-awaited Bantamweight title showdown between Bibiano Fernandes and John Lineker is all set to happen at ONE: Bad Blood on February 11, 2022. The fight has been in the making for a long time now and the stakes are high.

One of the contenders in the Bantamweight division that will be watching the fight closely is Stephen Loman. The Team Lakay star is currently ranked third in the division and is most likely a win away from getting the title shot.

Speaking to ONE Championship, Loman detailed his thoughts on the fight.

“For sure, Bibiano knows that Lineker packs power in those punches. I expect him to come up with a game plan to take the match to the ground. I think there’s a huge possibility that he can submit Lineker. The key for Lineker is finding his distance and striking at the right time. If he can find his range and pick his shots from a distance, there’s also a chance that he knocks out Bibiano. He’s a veteran in the game as well. I guess we’ll see what gives,” Loman said.

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Loman further went on to add that Bibiano could end up submitting Lineker in the fight.

“If I have to pick between them, I’ll stick with Bibiano. I think his grappling will be superior. We saw in his past fights that he has a complete skill set. He can strike, and we all know how good he is at jiu-jitsu. If Bibiano gets his rhythm early in the match, he’ll submit Lineker,” he added.

What do you think will happen when Bibiano Fernandes fights John Lineker? Let us know your predictions in the comment section of the article below.

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