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Indian MMA: Shivaraj recalls Silver Medal Win at GAMMA World Championships

LockerRoom Team
03 February 2020

India had a memorable campaign at the 2019 GAMMA World Championship. The nation picked up seven medals at the event having won three silver medals and four bronze medals.

Shivaraj was one of the athletes that managed to clinch Silver Medal. The Karnataka based fighter had a good showing at the event which saw him miss out on the Gold due to a questionable decision. Shiva believes that he won the final fight and that he was robbed of a potential Gold Medal.

Shivaraj: 1st fight I had no game plan. I just went with the flow. He rushed in, I landed a good roundhouse kick. His neck was open so I had to choke him out. 2nd fight also I had no game plan went with the flow. I was better in striking as well as the ground. So I was prepared for it. I won the fight. I was robbed by the decision

Despite the anti-climactic ending, Shiva notes that the experience was something worth taking forward.

Shivaraj: The whole experience fighting in GAMMA world championship was good. As soon as landed we needed to make weight and made weight every day before the fight. The team atmosphere as usual everyone was in their own zone as we were there for a fight. But we still managed to squeeze in the time to drop by a dojo nearby and train there. We went to fight G MMA gym and trained there twice as a team. With the help of Jitendra and Susovan.

With the medal now in his resume, Shivaraj noted that he is looking for sponsors and a place to train.

Shivaraj: The medal is in my hand. But immediate future plans are to looking for sponsors and place to train.

After his win at the GAMMA World Championship, Shivaraj went on to secure multiple wins in Pro Muay Thai fights in Thailand which has built up a considerable amount of momentum for the Indian MMA star. It would be interesting to see what the future holds for Shivaraj with the 2020 GAMMA World Championship happening at the end of this year.

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