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SOW India vs. Bangladesh Amateur MMA Tournament: Here are the results

LockerRoom Team
01 March 2020

Ahead of their first full-fledged fight night on March 1, Soul of Warriors rolled out an India vs. Bangladesh Amateur MMA tournament last day in Kolkata.

The tournament had four fights on offer where Indian fighters went against Bangladesh MMA stars. Bangladesh got the upper hand throughout the tournament and won three gold medals while India managed to win one.

A unanimous decision win for Mohd. Rayhan got Bangladesh the right start which was then followed up by Amranul Foysal and Hussain Kabir who secured stoppage wins for the nation. While Rayhan defeated Karthik Sharma, Foysal defeated Kiran Bhosle and Hussain defeated Adarsh Kadam respectively. The lone win for India came thanks to Estesham who stopped Sabbir Hussain.

Soul of Warriors will now put together their first fight night headlined by Ishan Das and Bonjovi today at the Stadel Hotel in Kolkata.

You can see the complete results from the event below

  • Md. Rayhan ( Bangladesh ) defeated Kartik Sharma ( India) via unanimous decision
  • Estesham ( India) defeated Sabbir Hussain ( Bangladesh) via TKO
  • Amranul Foysal ( Bangladesh) def Kiran Bhosle ( India) via KO
  • Hussain Kabir ( Bangladesh) def Adarsh Kadam ( India) via TKO
  • Bangladesh won the tournament winning 3 gold and 1 silver.

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