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WATCH: Reinier De Ridder calls out Andre Galvao for an MMA match

LockerRoom Team
26 March 2022

Reinier De Ridder and Andre Galvao fought to a draw earlier today at ONE X. The 12-minute grappling match between the two had plenty of action from the start and De Ridder surprised everyone with his performance against a seasoned grappler like Galvao.

Galvao spent a good portion of the match on the bottom position and almost took the back of De Ridder at one point of the fight. The Brazilian also had some close moments in the last minute of the match but De Ridder successfully managed to fend off the challenge and pushed the fight to a draw.

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After the match, De Ridder said that he hung in with Galvao under grappling rules and questioned whether Galvao can do the same under MMA rules.

Andre Galvao is a fourth-degree black belt and is a multiple-time ADCC World Championship medallist and has a mixed martial arts record of 5-2 to his name as well. His last fight in MMA came back in 2010 against former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley as well.

You can see the callout from Reinier De Ridder below.


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