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P-Town Invitational Grappling Tournament to happen on August 21 in Pune

LockerRoom Team
13 August 2021

P-Town West MMA is all set to host the P-Town Invitational Grappling Tournament on 21 August 2021 in Pune. The event, which is only open for athletes from the Pune district, will have an entry fee of Rs. 500.

The event will be a predecessor to Ultimate Grappling Championship 2 which is expected to happen by the end of 2021.

There will be competition across eight weight categories for men and five weight categories for women. You can check out the weight classes below.

Male - All Levels

  • ~55kg (121lb)
  • ~60kg (132lb)
  • ~65kg (143lb)
  • ~70kg (155lb)
  • ~75kg (165lb)
  • ~80kg (176lb)
  • ~85kg (187lb)
  • 85.1kg+

Female - All Levels

  • ~50kg (110lb)
  • ~55kg (121lb)
  • ~60kg (132lb)
  • ~65kg (143lb)
  • 65.1kg+

The match duration will be five minutes and in an event of a tie, overtime rules will be in place. You can see below the statement from the organizing team.

Prior to the UGC2, which is supposed to occur toward the end of 2021, we are coming up with an exceptional Grappling Championship which is all set to occur on 21st August 2021 and will include different grapplers from the whole way across Pune. According to the rules, the competition will hold a win by submission. The registration fee is kept for Rs 500/- and the winner will get an opportunity to take home goodies worth Rs 10,000/-. Contact on 7588286495/7796870291 for further inquiries.

Let us know your thoughts on the event in the comment section below.

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