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WATCH: Muhammad Mokaev and Glenn McVeigh cross paths ahead of BRAVE CF 37

LockerRoom Team
31 July 2020

The animosity between Muhammad Mokaev and Glenn McVeigh, opponents on Saturday’s BRAVE CF 37 fight night in Sweden, almost ended up in a brawl at the hotel hall in Stockholm, when McVeigh reached the city, less than 24 hours after stepping in and taking on Mokaev on short notice. The two found each other on the hotel lobby by accident and their scheduled bout almost started two days early.

The two know each other from the British-Irish MMA scene and the word-choice by McVeigh to grab BRAVE CF’s attention wasn’t much appreciated by Mokaev, who made his position clear by confronting the opponent as soon as he approached.

“Hey, hey, hey… Don’t talk s***, ok? Don’t talk s***! You wanna trash talk? It’s fine but control your words, ok?”, said a distressed Mokaev, while being held by teammates and BRAVE CF officials present.

Mokaev’s reaction wasn’t very well received by McVeigh, who had just landed in Sweden from Belfast. “No, no (I won’t stop talking). F*** you, I’ll catch you on Saturday. Saturday! Let’s see what you will do then”, he replied.

Mokaev then proceeds to insinuate that the trash talk was simply a strategy from his rival to hide his fear. “You have weak eyes, very, very weak eyes. What are you saying? You look like a bum”, he shouted.

At last, McVeigh insisted in taunting his opponent and made fun of his size. “You are small, really small. What are you, a Flyweight? (laughs)”, he said before entering the elevator.

Mokaev and McVeigh will settle their differences inside the cage, on Saturday, August 1st, at BRAVE CF 37, in Stockholm, Sweden. The promotion’s debut event in Scandinavia will be promoted in association with local organizers Bulldog Fight Night (BFN).


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