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Muay Elite Fight Night 1: Here are the full results from the event

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Calendar Icon24 February 2022

Mumbai played host to Muay Elite Fight Night 1 this past weekend. The event was organized by Indian fighter Shantanu Pujari and supported by World Muay-Thai Council India and Omni Global Services.

The event saw a string of exciting Muay-Thai fights along with performances by Mallakhamb India and upcoming rappers like OG ANKIT, Noor Hassan, Krishna D 17 & Maze 022.

Former IFMA Asian Championship medalist and WMC State title winner Kavya Kirodian was in action at the event and secured a win over Samyukta to win the Women KSMA title. Elsewhere, Jabarang Singh and Jarnail Singh Gill captured the Under-16 IBF Muay-Thai titles in their respective fights to become the first Sikh IBF Champions at the age of 13.

Jabarang outclassed Jatan in his fight when Jarnail secured a win over Santosh Chitroda. Both the youngsters were fighting out of Kiatpontip for the event.

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Total Combat Fitness had a good outing at the event as well when Manikandan and Vaishnavi picked up wins in their respective fights. Manikandan had a stoppage win over Dhairya when Vaishnavi edged out Nandini. With the win, Vaishnavi got hold of the Women KSMA Midland title as well.

Vahram and Kazan Talib picked up wins in their respective bouts as well. You can see the complete results from Muay Elite Fight Night 1 below.

  • Manikandan (Total Combat Fitness) def. Dhairya
  • Vahram (Whole9Yards) def. Paras (Total Combat Fitness)
  • Vaishnavi (Total Combat Fitness) def. Nandini
  • Kavya Kirodian (Total Combat Fitness) def. Samyukta (Total Combat Fitness)
  • Jabarjang Singh Gill (Kiatpontip) def. Jatan
  • Jarnail Singh Gill (Kiatpontip) def. Santosh Chitroda
  • Kazan Talib (Balance Muay-Thai) def. Vishwanath Rajak (Whole9Yards)

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