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4th MMA India Nationals: How to Participate and Everything You Need to Know

LockerRoom Team
29 January 2021

MMA India is all set to roll out the Fourth MMA India National from Lucknow, India from 19 February 2021 to 21 February 2021. The event, which will follow the COVID safety protocols, is expected to function as a stepping stone for athletes for the upcoming International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) tournaments.

The registration for the event is through state representatives of MMA India. The federation had recently won the Most Proactive Federation Award at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) 2020 Awards and will be kickstarting 2021 with the Nationals in Lucknow.

The numbers of the state representatives can be found below:

  • Karnataka: Prasad Gaitonde: 9731696107
  • Maharashtra: Sharif Bapu: 9821034693
  • Telangana: Shaik Khalid: 9700751644
  • Tamil Nadu: Ajit Sigamani: 9176688888
  • Odisha: Hariprasad Pattanaik: 9437077745
  • Chattisgarh: Nitin Singh: 9630303100
  • Delhi, MP: Vikash Sharma: 8982213114
  • Uttar Pradesh: Abhishek Maurya: 8840162954
  • Punjab: Kuldeep Sekhon: 9878050407
  • Rajasthan: Chhoturam Dahiya: 9875064704
  • Haryana: Rajnesh Choudhary: 98127777999
  • Gujarat: Babloo Sawanth: 8866836991
  • Himachal Pradesh: Vikram Thakur: 9817940001
  • West Bengal: Bishnu Bhagwan: 7477613130
  • J & K: Manoj Mehra: 7006278456
  • Tripura: Raymond: 9945401898
  • Nagaland: Khremelie Mehta: 7005420757
  • Mizoram: Samuel Lalrozama: 9886447684
  • Assam: Akash Mathew: 7896921642
  • Manipur: Frank: 7005216768
  • Chandigarh: Teja: 9888444183
  • Uttarakhand: Laxman Singh: 9927561328
  • Rest of India: Prasad Gaitonde: 9731696107

Athletes from across the nation are expected to compete at the event as well for potentially getting a chance to compete at the 2021 Asian and Junior Asian IMMAF Open Championship which will be held at Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Though the dates for the event are yet to be announced, the event is expected to happen around June.

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Nikhil Grave
Nikhil Grave

Can I compete here without coach and without MMA record.Can I get my first fight here?

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