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MFN 3 Main event controversy: Here is the official statement from Daniel Isaac

LockerRoom Team
22 December 2019

All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) Founder Daniel Isaac has released an official statement regarding the controversy surrounding Matrix Fight Night 3 Main event which featured Sandeep Dahiya and Pawan Maan.

The fight was ruled a unanimous draw by the judges after three rounds.

Pawan had the upper hand in the second and third round and landed a rib-kick at the end of the fight which stopped Sandeep. A combination of these two factors made everyone scratch their heads when the fight was announced as a unanimous draw and there was a public outburst as well on Social Media in support of Pawan.

Now, the MFN team has come out with a statement regarding the controversy and have put out a detailed video on how the fight was ruled as a unanimous draw.

You can see the complete video below. We have also listed down the major points raised in the statement below for easy reading.  

Below are the major points that are mentioned in the video. 

  • Sandeep won the first round in the card of all three judges with a score of 10-9. This was because he had a controlling position over Pawan for almost three minutes of the round. Sandeep was pushing Pawan against the cage and was landing occasional kicks and knees throughout these three minutes which helped him win the round.
  • Pawan won the second and third round in the card of all three judges with 10-9 which in turn made the total score to 29-28 in favour of Pawan.
  • However, a point was deducted from Pawan in the third round for an illegal kick which he landed while both the fighters were on the ground. Pawan landed a kick to the head of Sandeep while both fighters were attempting leg locks.
  • This point deduction communication between the referee and the chief judge was not caught on camera which was used to stream the fight live which is what caused the confusion. 
  • After the point deduction, the score became 28-28 which is why it was ruled as a unanimous draw.
  • As for the kick from Pawan that stopped Sandeep in the end, it came at horn signalling the end of the fight and not with 10 seconds to go. It is also noted that the referee was signalling the completion of the fight and was not giving a TKO win to Pawan after the final kick landed. 
  • The statement notes that there was a glitch on the screen clock meaning that the time with the official time keeper and the time on the screen clock were different. So while the screen clock still had some seconds to go, the fight was actually over in the clock of the time keeper which is why the kick did not count as a TKO finish for Pawan.

You can watch the complete video above for the statement. Also, you can watch the complete fight below.

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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