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Jarred Brooks is making a big mistake, says Bokang ahead of their fight

LockerRoom Team
19 April 2022

South African MMA star Bokang Masunyane is set to fight Jarred Brooks in a title eliminator at ONE: 156 on 22 April 2022 in Singapore. The fight will decide the title contender for Joshua Pacio and Bokang feels that his opponent is overlooking him.

In his recent interview with The African Fighters, Bokang said that Brooks will be in big trouble during the match.

“If Jarred Brooks is sleeping on me, then he’s in big trouble. I think it’s either he doesn’t wanna speak of me because he knows what I’m capable of or he’s very ignorant of my ability. That’s a very big mistake. After a while, you will see the disappointment in their faces while they fight me. Going into the second or third round they start to realize ‘oh s*** I’m in a fight now.’ The fact that I’m from South Africa, or Africa [in general], they think that there’s no MMA in the country. But MMA is growing in Africa and it’s growing big,” Bokang noted (h/t Sportskeeda)

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He also went on to admit that Brooks is a tough fighter but asserted his goal of becoming a World Champion.

“Jarred Brooks is a very tough fighter and very good American wrestler. But I’m not here to take part, at the end of the day I’m there to get a title shot. I’m there for the takeover. I want to be the world champion and at the moment Jarred Brooks is on my way. In order for me to get closer to that title, I have to beat Jarred Brooks,” he added.

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