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Sean O Malley lists three UFC fighters who can beat Jake Paul in Boxing

LockerRoom Team
26 December 2021

The Knockout win of Jake Paul over former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has been a topic of many debates. A long list of UFC Fighters have jumped in and expressed their interest in taking on Jake Paul but nothing is confirmed as of now.

UFC star Sean O Malley has now expressed his opinion on Jake Paul and listed down three names that could stop Jake Paul in the boxing ring.

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"I would say Masvidal or Kamaru Usman would be the toughest fights for Jake boxing-wise. Tim had an idea and said, 'what about Israel Adesanya?' Jake wouldn't [take the fight]. Jake is smart, dude, and he's going to do what's right. He's going to take the right fights, which he should 100%,” O Malley said on The BrO'Malley Show (h/t Sportskeeda).

O Malley further went on to add that former UFC champion Anderson Silva could also pose a threat to Jake Paul.

"Watching Anderson Silva after what he did to Tito Ortiz, that's a risky fight. I don't think that would necessarily be a smart fight for Jake to take yet but who knows. I mean it's fun to play around,” he added.

Prior to securing two wins over Woodley, Jake had also defeated former ONE Championship champion and UFC fighter Ben Askren. The YouTube star now holds a record of 5-0 to his name and has also expressed his interest in trying out MMA.

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What do you think of the names suggested by Sean O Malley? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.


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