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11-year-old Inaaya Multani dreams to represent India in the UFC one day

LockerRoom Team
05 July 2020

It was at the age of 7 that Inaaya Multani started her journey in Martial Arts. Over the course of the last four years, she has competed and won medals in multiple state level and national level tournaments.  

An ardent lover of former UFC Champion Rose Namajunas, Inaaya initially started training under Khusnoor Jijna. After spending a year with the coach, she then started training under Alam Idrisi at Fit N Fight which is her current team.

She has been competing in grappling and MMA events for quite some time now and is currently looking forward to some international competitions as well.

As any 11-year-old out there, Inaaya is someone that loves to chit-chat a lot. She notes that she loves her mother so much and added that she has a younger sister for whom she will do anything.  

“She is my life,” Inaaya notes about her sister.

The young star follows a strict schedule every day and wakes up at around 4:00 AM in the morning so that she could reach her school at 7:00 AM. After returning from her school, she goes to her MMA class which is around 15 kilometres away from her home.

Inaaya’s journey in the Martial Arts world stemmed out of a dream of her father, Imran Multani.

“My dad has dreamt of me becoming a fighter, he says, Beta I had many dreams somehow I was not able to fulfil it but you and your sister is my dream now,” young Inaaya recalls what her father told her. 

What started out to be a dream of her father is now the dream of Inaaya as well. One day, she hopes to walk down the UFC isle with the tri-colours in her hand.

“I dream of having a good fight being a top 10 UFC fighter and walking the entrance with tri-colours of my country,” she concluded.

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