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IFMA Asian Muay Thai Championship: Day 1 Results for Team India

LockerRoom Team
19 December 2019

The IFMA Asian Muay Thai Championship campaign of Team India kick-started last day and had 12 fighters from the nation in action.

Lalthasanga Lelchhun picked up the sole win for the team on Day 1 as he managed to stop Ahmed Alqenaee of Kuwait via a referee stoppage.

Ashish Sethi and Anisha Shetty also managed to go the distance in their respective fights but fell short on points. Ashish had fought Youssef Abboud of Lebanon while Anisha went up against Nguyen Thi Ngyuet of Vietnam at the event.

Anil Mehta, Bhanu Pratap Pandit, Ngurlianzuala Sailo, Tamin Sahu, Manish Kumar Sahu, Fahad AK, Dimple Vaishnav, Elizah Zoramchhana and Pranay Rajeshirke all suffered defeats on the day which ended their campaign.  

The Indian team still has plenty of fighters in the tournament and they will be in action in the coming days. Below are the complete results from Day 1 of the IFMA Asian Muay Thai Championship for Team India.

  • Lalthasanga Lelchhun (IND) def. Ahmed Alqenaee (KUW) via Referee Stoppage
  • Ibrahim Bilal (UAE) def. Bhanu Pratap Pandit (IND) via Referee Stoppage
  • Wael Alsaeed (SYR) def. Ngurlianzuala Sailo (IND) via Walk Over
  • Youssef Abboud (LBN) def. Ashish Sethi (IND) via Decision
  • Shamlan Alothman (KUW) def. Anil Mehta (IND) via Compulsory Count Limit Stoppage 
  • Kaewrudee Kamtakrapoom (THA) def. Tamin Sahu (IND) via Referee Stoppage
  • Nguyen Thi Nguyet (VIE) def. Anisha Shetty (IND) via Decision
  • Aliyar Mukhtar (KAZ) def. Manish Kumar Sahu (IND) via Compulsory Count Limit Stoppage
  • Huynh Hoang Phi (VIE) def. Fahad Anakkayi (IND) via Referee Stoppage
  • Sze Ki Wong (HKG) def. Dimple Vaishnav (IND) via Referee Stoppage
  • Denis Sharapov (KAZ) def. Elizah Zoramchhana (IND) via Compulsory Count Limit Stoppage
  • Ratchaphon Thapthan (THA) def. Pranay Pradeep Rajeshirke (IND) via KO

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