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MMA and Stock Market Trading: Gurdarshan Mangat details the similarities

LockerRoom Team
10 May 2021

For Gurdarshan Mangat, both the stock market and MMA are about psychology. A qualified accountant, Gurdarshan has managed to successfully balance his MMA career and stock market trading. And now, he is reaping the benefits of it.

“When lockdown hit back in March last year, MMA gyms were shut down [for a few months], so I had to find something to do. For me, I had to stay busy and I had to keep my mind occupied. That’s when I found trading. I wanted to learn something inside out. I wanted to learn it better than the people who were already doing it,” he recalled in his interview with ONE Championship.

The similarities between Stock Market Trading and MMA

The 34-year-old notes that he is fully dedicated to trading amidst his fight preparations for ONE: Dangal and added that there are a lot of similarities between Stock Market Trading and MMA.

 “The similarity between MMA and the stock market is that it’s all psychology. They always say in MMA that it is 99 percent mental and one percent physical once you’re in [the Circle], and that’s very true. Being able to see things, not panicking, being able to read things before everybody else, and getting ahead of everybody helps. Just like in MMA, the training that you have to do outside the fight is the same we have to do for the market. When the market is closed, I’m studying it and trying to get ahead,” he added.

Gurdarshan also went on to add that MMA has taught him to think out of the bubble which comes in handy when he enters the market to trade.

 “So for me, mixed martial arts have taught me to think outside the bubble and to think of new moves, and I think of the stock market in the same way. You have to think of the next trend before the entire market reaches there,” Gurdarshan said.

His Tips for Stock Market Trading

The Canadian-Indian has found a considerable amount of success with trading and is now helping the people around him to learn. When asked about some tips for stock market trading, he had the following to say.

“I would say learn it from the basics. Figure it out for yourself, and don’t follow any random accounts on Twitter, or some random Reddit posts. These things take a lot of time and effort, a lot of practice, and a lot of trial and error. But what pays off, in the end, is the fact that I put in a lot of time into studying these things,” he concluded.

How to watch ONE: Dangal in India | ONE Dangal India Time and Channel

ONE: Dangal will be broadcasted in India on Saturday, 15 May 2021 from 3:30 PM IST onwards. The event will be on Hotstar and Star Sports Select 2

What are your predictions for Gurdarshan Mangat vs. Roshan Mainam? Let us know in the comments below. 

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