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Niraj Kumar promises an entertainer against Clinton David at Club Fights

LockerRoom Team
16 January 2021

Club Fights will return with Club Fights: Deccan Conquest II on January 24, 2021, and one of the major attractions on the card will be the bout between Gudimalle Niraj Kumar and Clinton David.

Niraj, who started boxing to fulfill the dream of his father, is promising an entertaining fight against Clinton when they step into the ring on January 24 in Hyderabad.

“My upcoming match with Clinton David, it is gonna be a tough fight between us. Clinton is an experienced player when compared to me but I think we're no less to face each other in the ring. I wish Clinton David all the best for the game and the rest depends on who's gonna perform well in the ring. And talking about my plans regarding the match: nothing, because we plan something and something else happen so I try not to plan anything in advance but I only fight to steal the match from him and win,” Niraj said in an exclusive statement.

As a youngster, Niraj was fond of basketball. However, it was the interest of his father that made him explore boxing. From there, he hasn’t looked back. He credits the successful transition to his coach Steven, his friends, and senior boxing partners (Rakesh, Lokesh, and Kalyan).

Although he initially found it hard to balance his studies and the sport, he managed to overcome the hurdle through his determination and hard work. Niraj also went on to represent Telangana at the All India Elite Men’s Senior Nationals which he recalls as his biggest moment so far.

The journey of Niraj, nevertheless, has only started.

“I've no immediate or short term goals; I only aim for the big. As you guys raised this point right now, I would like to conclude that winning this match and performing well too in this is my immediate goal. To improve my game more and play for India is my future goal,” he concluded.

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Let us know your prediction for the fight between Niraj and Clinton in the comment section below.

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