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Action packed first half of 2022 for GAMMA Members across the Globe

LockerRoom Team
30 June 2022

It was a busy first half of 2022 for the GAMMA Members across the globe as they hosted a string of MMA activities. All these activities are positively impacting the GAMMA community and giving athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent nationally and internationally and assisting federations to grow.

Plenty of Opportunities for MMA Athletes in India

At the GAMMA World Championships, the enthusiasm and skills of the Indian athletes were on display.

AIMMAF and APMMAA recently staged their MMA and Striking MMA National Championship as well as the pro gala “Fight Night Drive”.

AIMMAF also organized the Open National MMA Championship in Delhi in June. The event was a great success with a significant number of athletes participating, showing great skills throughout the competition. As part of the mission to pursue excellence inside and outside the ring, there was a Referees & Judges seminar organized during the days in Delhi.

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Earlier in May, GAMMA India successfully staged its first national championships of 2022 in Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Telangana. 

Innovation and Fighting Heritage Showcased in France

The French Kempo Federation, led by GAMMA Executive Member Eric La Rocca, announced a new event being organized in cooperation with the French Federation of Savate.

Taking place in Ruy-Montceau in southeast France, the audience will experience a mix of the historical and traditional French fighting discipline in the same ring as the most innovative and fast-growing discipline of MMA.

GAMMA Partner in Tunisia Establish Collaboration with Federation of Sport And Work

Africa is without a doubt one of the most interesting continents in terms of MMA development over the coming decades and the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) and our partners know this very well.

In recent weeks, we received exciting news out of Tunisia, where our partner, the Tunisian Committee of Shootfighting, MMA and Grappling (TCSMMAG), received recognition for Mixed Martial Arts development by the Tunisian Federation of Sport and Work. This is a significant step towards the longer-term ambition of establishing an MMA Federation in Tunisia.

Historical City Acts As The Perfect Venue For Italian National Championships

Following the success of the first Italian gold medal at the GAMMA World Championships in Amsterdam for Mehdi Taki, Italian GAMMA member Fight1 travelled to the south of the country for its National Championships.

The stunning location of Rosolini, the small commune in Siciliy, was the venue for the 2022 Championships. The city boasts a wealth of combat sports history and was the perfect location for the three-day event.

More than 300 athletes descended on the Pala Tricomi Arena, showcasing their skills and talent as they battled it out to try and win a medal and earn a place in the National teams which will represent the county at the future GAMMA Competitions.

There was a great atmosphere for the event and all participants were able to enjoy the friendly vibe in one of the most welcoming regions in Italy.

Thanks to Fight1 and its president, the GAMMA Vice President, Carlo Di Blasi and the local organizing team led by Bruno Botindari for staging this great event.

Successful Spanish-Iberian Championships in Guadalajara

On June 3 and 4, close to 300 competitors from Spain and Portugal gathered at the Fontanar Pavilion in the province of Guadalajara, Spain to compete at the Spanish-Iberian Championships in Striking MMA and Elite MMA disciplines.

The championships showcased several highly talented mixed martial artists from across the region, taking to the circle in front of a large audience who enjoyed two days of competitive action. Read more here.

Inaugural Arab Super Mixed Martial Arts Championships held in Syria

For the very first time, the Syrian Arab Federation for Mixed Martial Arts, the General Sports Federation, the Syrian Olympic Committee, and the MMA Arab Federation came together under the supervision of GAMMA to organize the inaugural Arab Super Mixed Martial Arts Championships in Damascus in April.

The event, which was delivered in partnership with Shams Academy, featured athletes from 12 Arab countries and was held over three days at the Al-Jalaa Sports Hall in Damascus.

Busy Weeks for GAMMA Germany Representatives

The German Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GAMMAF) is a very active member of the MMA community. Since the GAMMA World Championships in Amsterdam, several officials have been sharing their knowledge and expertise at events across the world.

GAMMA USA Create Tournament Series Focused on Development

Earlier this month (June), GAMMA USA introduced a new tournament dedicated to the development of Youth and Novice MMA athletes.

The goal of the developmental tournament series is to foster a competitive environment where athletes can work on the building blocks of MMA in a safe and open environment.

The development series is open all athletes from age 8 to 17 in their respective weight categories as well as adults who have less than two full rules amateur bout experience. In the future, the vision is to add a specific category for the Master’s Divisions (aged 40+) as well as introduce a category for advanced athletes (former Pro and advanced amateur) who want to return to novice competition for fun.

This is a very good project for the development of the sport and will be an opportunity for the global GAMMA family to learn from.

New Novice League Launched in Australia

GAMMA Australia Member, the AMMASA, launched a new initiative for less experience mixed martial artists with the aim of expanding the MMA community across the country.

The AMMASA Novice MMA League got underway back in February. Athletes complete throughout the year earning points for a league table as they go. The league is open to athletes from 11 years old who compete as juniors up to the age of 18 before entering the adult ranks from 19 and above.

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At the end of the year, playoffs will see the top four athletes in each weight division battling it out to be crowned the league champion.

This is an exciting initiative, and we are looking forward to seeing the results and the impact of the league in years to come.

Slovak MMA League Culminates with National Championships

The Slovak National MMA Championships was the highlight of a busy National MMA League Season when it took place on 25 June in Spišská Nová Ves, a town in the Košice Region of Slovakia.

During the Championships, 25 Slovak Champions were crowned during a busy day of competition that featured youth, junior and senior bouts for men and women. The award for the most successful club went to Fight Club Kenkyo from Poprad.

Inaugural GAMMA African Championships

For the very first time, the GAMMA African Championships will be taking place in Cairo (Egypt) from 31 August to 3 September 2022.

Continental Championships 2022

With preparations for the Continental Championships well underway, we are sure to see some fantastic competitions in the second half of 2022. More information will be announced in the coming days.


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