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Professional wrestling is much more dangerous than MMA says Frank Mir

LockerRoom Team
14 July 2022

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir noted that professional wrestling is much more dangerous than MMA. In his recent interview with CVV Clips, Mir said that he was training to be a professional wrestler but gave up when he realized the risks involved.

“I was trying to get into [professional wrestling it but I kind of realized that look man I have a lot of respect for guys in the pro wrestling industry,” Frank Mir stated.

He spoke about the injuries that occur in pro wrestling and detailed by MMA is comparatively safer.

“They have way more injuries and it is a much more dangerous sport than mine. That being said as far as the health of your body, you know I mean look the mental fortitude to walk out there and fight in front of a bunch of people. Look pro wrestling do they have it? No, that's not the same you know, because they're not nervous about outcomes and beating somebody and you know but they're still going out there performing. They got to go out there and get hurt and take dives and bumps you know,” Mir added in the interview.

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Speaking further, he also talked about how he started his training for pro wrestling only to realize that it was not his cup of tea.

“I trained it for a little bit and we got the first part. I seemed very motivated at first because we got to learn how to tumble. I'm like, oh watch this, I can do cartwheels and you know the bumps, the front flip, land on your back like no problem. You know from my wrestling and jiu-jitsu background you know the dexterity and the agility to roll around

I had no issues and even taking bumps just hitting the canvas was fun. I'm like oh this is fun. But then when I started to like taking shots and getting twisted on and giving up my limbs to open up you know, it was just too difficult for me,” Mir concluded.

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