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EXCLUSIVE: Mohammed Farhad talks Brave CF 30, future opponents, and more

Renjith Ravindran
22 November 2019

Mohammed Farhad is one of the most popular fighters in the Indian MMA scene, period.

With a record of 10-3 to his name, Farhad has been a mainstay in Brave Combat Federation as well where he has fought three times picking up two stoppage wins and a decision loss.

And when the news broke that Brave Combat Federation was making its return to India with Brave CF 30, there was a lot of hype surrounding the potential fight of Farhad. Although Farhad wanted to lock horns with an International opponent at the event, he was pitted up against upcoming prospect Rana Rudra Pratap Singh and that too, initially on the prelims.

The fight, however, got called off just three days out from the fight card due to some contract conflicts that Rana had.

Mohammed Farhad: I said Brave that give me an international opponent as it's not about only money, it's also about my value, my quality, my promotion. I said Rana won't give me any promotion in fact he will get one, I need to grow. But they said "take a night and think on it". I thought that let's help an Indian grow and give it what I have on the basis of perception of my achievements and took suggestions from my Master Ghansar which came out to be positive. Trust me I thought positively for an Indian but Rana disappointed me by trying to cheat on contract plus before this bad news I got a call from a person that Rana has done some cheating in the past with 2, 3 promotions, he take promotions and backs off in the last moment if his opponent is good, he had made records fighting kids etc. Then I get this news from Brave which turned out to be true.

With Rana out of the card, Farhad now has a date with fellow Indian fighter Kushal Vyas, who is known for taking short-notice fights throughout his career. Farhad has a fair share of respect for Kushal and added that he is interested to see how much his opponent has improved.

Mohammed Farhad: Kushal on other hand is a good fighter but not my level, I said Brave that give some options at least, but he was only the one in, for short notice, I guess he was training in China. We know each other and also fought in one card in last promotion where he did undercard bout and I was the main event. He fought 4 more fights since we were in the last event and this is my next fight after a year gap. I heard he has improved and is purple belt in jiu-jitsu; let's see what he is bringing in there. Finishing fights is my style, anything can happen in the fight but I will stand up to people's expectations

While Farhad, who did his fight camp at Fight Capital India, will be fighting on the main card of Brave CF now, he was initially supposed to be on the prelims which cause a huge uproar among the Indian MMA community. Farhad’s fight was eventually moved to the main card.

Mohammed Farhad: I aimed for the co-main because main event was title fight and thought I will definitely get one, I received the roughly made bout card where I was placed in the co-main but then sudden updation of the bout card happened in and I started receiving messages, after my training when I read those that I have been placed in the prelims I was really stunned to see the bout order. Also the MMA fans weren't happy to see that and started reacting in social media, by this time, Brave realised its mistakes and rectified it but updating the bout card. Also the Brave anchor Carlos Kremer had a chat with me regarding this that how they can do that and he personally will talk to the President on this. I am in the main cards but still not happy because if not me I want an Indian to fight in the co main. On the other hand, I definitely thank to make this change.

Farhad being on the prelims was a huge discussion point ahead of the event and something that equally created some buzz was the potential replacement for Rana Rudra Pratap Singh. The names of Shyamanand and Imkong Jamir got some huge backing on Social Media but Farhad saw a different side to the story.  

 Mohammed Farhad: I am sorry as I couldn't find any specific profile of them and never heard of them come up in any promotion and I guess, they have fought in my amateur events maybe they are amateurs and there is no point fighting them as they still have a long way to go. In near or far future I will always be looking for better opponents and of course in international platform. My aim is to do a million dollar fight and if people who want to fight me can take me there, I will definitely fight them.

Now that the dust has settled and he will be fighting Kushal Vyas, Farhad is looking forward to the future and has interest in a rematch with Hamza Kooheji or locking horns with Uloomi Karim in an India vs. Pakistan fight.

Mohammed Farhad: A win with Kushal might not be that if a big deal, maybe it depends on the way I finish. I don't mind fighting Hamza but in the featherweight division or catch weight. There is no point fighting an Indian, I took this fight because there was no option this time and respect Kushal to take a short notice fight, I was surprised to hear that he is in for the fight with me. Outside India if you ask I would like make the pending India vs. Pakistan happen as the previous talks between me and Pakistan's Uloomi Karim in Brave would make a great matchup.

And when asked about what message he had for the Indian MMA community, he had the following to say and even had a classy message for his opponent.

Mohammed Farhad: Firstly, I want to thank Indian MMA fans for their immense support because of their love I get the motivation to do more and more. Kushal is a good guy and I wish success for him in his career. I require this constant support from my supporters and we together can take Indian MMA to the highest level.

Mohammed Farhad fights Kushal Vyas at Brave Combat Federation’s Brave CF 30 on Saturday, November 23, 2019 in Hyderabad.

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