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Aung La N Sang gives his prediction for Demetrious Johnson vs. Rodtang fight

LockerRoom Team
22 September 2021

The fight between Demetrious Johnson and Rodtang has captured the imagination of the fight fans and recently during his interview with SCMP MMA, former ONE Championship two-division champion Aung La N Sang also pitched in about the showdown.

Aung La, noted that the outcome of the fight will depend on how Demetrious Johnson approaches it.

“It all depends how DJ approaches this fight. If he fights a Muay Thai fight, obviously he’s gonna get crushed. But if he body locks him and holds him for a few minutes … puts his head in position, runs away, and doesn’t really fight, then it’s an easy win for DJ,” Aung La said. (H/T Nick Atkin of SCMP MMA)

Johnson and Rodtang will be fighting in a special-rules four-round match with the rules alternating between Muay-Thai and MMA. The first round of the match will be under Muay-Thai rules which puts slight pressure on Demetrious Johnson.

“If DJ gets out of the first round he wins it in the second round. Rodtang has over 200 Muay Thai fights. DJ has zero. If Rodtang fights anybody that has zero Muay Thai fights, he will demolish them. It’s exciting. If they come out to entertain, if they’re respectful, then it could go all the way. But if they really go for the kill like Rodtang really does, DJ is gonna get smoked in the first round,” Aung La n Sang added.

The Burmese Python concluded by saying that Rodtang’s chances will get diminished if the fight goes beyond the first round.

“If he survives the first round, Rodtang is gonna get smoked. A guy with an 0-0 record in MMA, does he have any chance against one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world? Come on,” he concluded.

What do you think of the prediction from Aung La N Sang? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.

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python has a point though but what if rodtang knocks dj in first round itself and he's a bit shot temper too than dj has no chance for 2nd round.

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