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Dana White details why Conor McGregor gets special treatment in the UFC

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Calendar Icon27 December 2021

Many UFC fans have accused Dana White of giving special treatment to former UFC Champion Conor McGregor and Dana has finally broken his silence on the issue. Speaking to Daniel Cormier, Dana revealed that McGregor gets the Special treatment because he is indeed special.

“Conor McGregor has been that guy since the day that he walked into this fuckin’ company. So for anybody to point the finger and say, ‘Oh, this guy’s getting special treatment…’ (Because) This guy’s special. This guy’s fuckin’ special. You know how many fighters I’ve fuckin’ dealt with that’ll talk to me about, ‘This isn’t good for my brand.’ ‘I’m not fighting my friends,” Dana said (h/t MMA News)

Dana further went on to further note that McGregor is someone that did not back away from a fight.

“When we started this thing and this guy was on his rise—and believe me, I’ve dealt with a fuckin’ thousands fighters ‘Oh, this isn’t the fight for me at this time’ and ‘This isn’t that, this isn’t this,’ this fuckin’ kid, we’ve been in a house that he was renting. I think it was when [José Aldo pulled out of 2015 bout]. This is what he said us: ‘I don’t give a fuck who you get. I’m going to work out. When you figure it out, call me and let me know,” he added.

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The UFC president also spoke about how the fight between McGregor and Nate Diaz materialized and how McGregor was ready to step in without no conditions.

“And then the Nate Diaz fight, another fight fell out for him, he said, ‘Well, let’s fight Diaz.’ ‘Well, do you want to do—’ ‘No, I don’t want it at catchweight. If I don’t fight him at this weight, it doesn’t matter. It’s bullshit if I don’t fight him at his weight,” he added.

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