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Indian MMA fighter Bishwamitra fights to keep the word he gave to his father

LockerRoom Team
17 April 2021

‘I will become a Champion’ is the word that Bishwamitra gave to his dying father. A few years into his Mixed Martial Arts Career, the Manipuri fighter is on track to achieve his goal. Here is his story.

The start of his Combat Sports Journey

It would be safe to say that fighting is in the blood of Bishwamitra. His mother and his brother were boxers and fighting was part of his life from his childhood itself. In fact, his late father was also an avid follower of combat sports.

Despite battling with certain financial issues, Bishwamitra’s family supported him completely when he told them that he wanted to pursue a career in fighting.

“When my family found out that I wanted to be in the combat sports they encouraged me. Even though we always have major financial issues my family always supported me. They always backed me with training and guided me through all our difficulties,” he recalls.

The journey started with Wushu Sanda and Kickboxing for him. One thing led to another, and in no time, he discovered Mixed Martial Arts.

“Before I started MMA I trained and competed in Wushu Sanda Kick Boxing. I was first trained by my former coach Biren Singh and he showed me the way of competing in a tournament and then after that, I joined the field of MMA under the guidance of my former coach Biren Singh as he suggested me into the field of MMA through his friend Yogesh which was a coach in Delhi,” the Manipuri fighter said.

Meeting Roshan Mainam

His newfound love of MMA landed him at the 2017 AIMMAA MMA Nationals in Bangalore where he came across a fellow fighter from Manipur, Roshan Mainam, who later went on to sign with ONE Championship and EVOLVE MMA. Roshan, who was training out of KOI Combat Academy under Vishal Seigell at that time, invited Bishwamitra to KOI Combat Academy where his skills were tuned further.

The performance at the AIMMAA MMA nationals was followed by a showdown with Navdeep Aggarwal in X1 International.

“I fought against 6 opponents in Bangalore Open AIMMAA National Championship in 2017. I finished all my opponents in the national tournament. Immediately after this, I received very valuable training at KOI Combat Academy and in August 2018 I had the opportunity to compete in the main event of X1 International which took place at High Spirits Cafe in Pune in August 2018 against then YFC Champion Navdeep Agarwal who has won in the international circuit as well. Due to my training, my mindset, and having Brother Roshan and Coach Vishal in my corner, I was able to beat Navdeep at his own game via RNC IN 1 minute 20 seconds of the first round. I was a heavy underdog coming into this fight,” he says.

His most memorable moments

Wins at Reebok Fight Night and Fight Capital India followed and he even changed teams in between but unfortunately for Bishwamitra, he is yet to receive all the videos of his fights despite multiple follow-ups with the organizers. This has cast a shadow of doubt on his record as well due to which he is now facing issues when it comes to getting fights. Currently undefeated in the amateur circuit, Bishwamitra holds certain moments close to his heart.

“My most memorable moment would be from my childhood days where I had to face against four opponents in a row in that tournament which was held in Assam where I was Adjudged “Best Fighter” by winning all fights via TKO and it was my first tournament that I participated in. Also, beating the YFC champion Navdeep at his own game. I have a lot of respect for Navdeep and for me, this was also a big accomplishment and a step in the right direction.” He said.

Everything said and done, the MMA journey of Bishwamitra has only started and he has a clear-cut goal ahead of him.

“I always wanted to be a champion from my childhood as my family was filled with competitive combat athletes. I gave my word to my dying father that I WILL BE CHAMPION. I would like to achieve my goal through combat sports and bring knowledge to the younger generations about combat sports in the future. However, I would like to continue staying focused on my career in MMA and achieve my goals to be able to impart the knowledge to the younger generations of Indian Warriors to come,” he concluded.

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