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BJ Penn reveals one condition that will make him come out of retirement

LockerRoom Team
27 December 2021

BJ Penn is a name that needs no introduction in the MMA circuit. Although he had a tough outing in the last few years, Penn is a legend in the sport.

Having fought last in 2019, BJ Penn is currently focused on running for Governor of Hawaii but there is one thing that could push him out of retirement. Penn revealed the same during a recent interview with Chris Taylor and said that he could have one comeback fight if WWE superstar Hulk Hogan walks him out.

“You know how it is, everyone has that guy they look up to as a kid and for me, that man was ‘The Hulkster’. Hulk Hogan was my hero and such an inspiration for me growing up. Man, could you imagine? When we were talking about having him come out (to my fight), I was just thinking of having him come and sit in the front row. But yea, imagine walking out with him? Geez, I would come back for one more fight to make that happen,” Penn told.

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He further recalled how the rivalry between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior was an inspiration for him.

“Not long after that I remember it was time for WrestleMania 6, Hulk Hogan versus The Ultimate Warrior. I was a fan of the Warrior too, but ‘The Hulkster’ was always my number one so I was pulling for him in a big way. So, going back to me saying how serious I took things, I cried my eyes out when The Ultimate Warrior pinned Hogan. I’ll never forget the sequence of him rolling out of the way of Hulk’s leg drop and then hitting the splash. I was just devastated. Those are such good memories to look back on. Hulk Hogan was a larger-than-life figure and I hope he realizes how many lives he’s touched in such a positive way,” BJ Penn added.

The 43-year-old has a professional MMA record of 16-14 to his name and was on a seven-fight losing streak ahead of his last fight in 2019. In fact, the last time Penn won a fight was back in 2010 when he defeated Matt Hughes.

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