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The belt is my focus: Zach Makovsky ahead of BRAVE CF 60

LockerRoom Team
26 July 2022

When he takes on Asu Almabaev at this week's BRAVE CF 60, which takes place on July 30 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Zach Makovsky is prepared to return to title contention.

While "Fun Size" is aware that Almabaev is a formidable opponent, his attention is still on the gleaming Flyweight world title belt held by BRAVE Combat Federation.

So much so that Zach disclosed in BRAVE CF commentator Kirik Jenness during a recent LIVE Instagram Interview that he maintains the BRAVE CF logo as the wallpaper of his phone as a daily inspiration.

“The BRAVE CF branding is the background of my phone, so I get to see the logo every day before I train before I wake up and everything. The belt is the main focus!”, said Makovsky, who is very complimentary of his next opponent’s skillset.

‘’I know I have a really tough challenge ahead of me in Asu (Almabaev). He is an amazing fighter from what I have seen. Having an eleven-fight win streak and being 15-2 is incredible. He seems very well-rounded. I think he is not amazing at one specific thing, but he is very good at everything’’.

But there's still work to be done in relation to the BRAVE CF Flyweight Championship competition. Ali Bagautinov vs. Velimurad Alkhasov, a match between two Russians, will determine the first BRAVE CF Flyweight champion.

After losing a split decision to Alkhasov in the semifinals of BRAVE CF 50, Makovsky was denied the chance to compete for the BRAVE CF gold medal.

He believed he did more than enough to earn the second victory and progress to the finals of the first-ever BRAVE CF Flyweight championship, thus it was a difficult pill to chew given that he had previously defeated his Russian opponent at BRAVE CF 34.

“I am bitter,” says Makovsky. “It should be me in the finals, I have watched that fight many times, and I do feel confident that I won the first two rounds against Velimurad in that Flyweight Championship semi-final.

“I know all the commentators had scored it for me in that fight, and so did many fans. So I am bitter about this and I think I deserve that decision. I deserve to be in that final. “But, if it takes me one more step to get there, that would be great.”

What do you think will happen when Zach steps back into the cage? Let us know in the comments.


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