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You know how to put a thumbnail: Fans react to new video of Polyana Viana

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Calendar Icon07 July 2024

Mixed martial artist Polyana Viana has once again captured the attention of her fans, but this time it's not for her prowess in the octagon. The Brazilian fighter recently posted a humorous video on her social media, showcasing the expectations versus the reality of jumping into a pool. The video has quickly gone viral, thanks in large part to Viana's choice of thumbnail, which has compelled many to click and watch.

You can watch the video below. 

In the video, Viana sets the stage with a glamorous and graceful dive, embodying the expectation many people have when envisioning a perfect pool jump. However, the reality portion humorously depicts a far less elegant, albeit relatable, belly flop, drawing laughs and applause from her followers.

Viana was recently in the news for stirring up a storm on social media following her post after Alex Pereira's victory at UFC 303. The Brazilian fighter, known for her strong presence both inside and outside the octagon, shared a photo that left fans buzzing and demanding clarification about her relationship with Pereira.

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In the photo, Viana is seen wearing a T-shirt with the bold statement, "I'm his favorite EX," while a UFC 303 poster is prominently displayed in the background. The caption accompanying the post reads "CHAMA" and "AND STILL," both references to Pereira, adding fuel to the speculation about their relationship status.


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