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You can do better than this dude: Fans react to Tabatha Ricci’s photo with boyfriend

LockerRoom Team
22 April 2024

Tabatha Ricci, the talented Brazilian mixed martial artist currently making waves in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans with a recent photo. Born on February 21, 1995, in Birigui, Brazil, Ricci's journey into the world of combat sports began at a young age, following in her father's footsteps by training in Judo at the age of six and later delving into Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Having honed her skills over the years, Ricci ventured into professional competition, making her mark in the MMA scene. In 2017, she made a significant move to Japan to compete in SEIZA competitions, showcasing her talent on an international stage before relocating to the United States to further pursue her career in mixed martial arts.

However, it's not just Ricci's professional endeavors that have been garnering attention. The MMA sensation recently shared a photo on social media featuring herself and her boyfriend, boxer Callum Walsh. While the image initially seemed like a display of affection between the two athletes, it unexpectedly ignited a wave of reactions from fans.

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Among the myriad of comments, one recurring sentiment stood out: disappointment from some fans who felt Ricci could do better than her current beau. Expressions such as "You can do better than this dude" and "Disappointed, Tabatha" flooded the comments section, reflecting fans' unsolicited opinions on Ricci's choice of partner.


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