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Fans ask Dana White to sign Waffle House Girl after fight video goes viral

LockerRoom Team
28 December 2022

Fans are urging UFC President Dana White to sign the popular Waffle House lady. They want him to officially add her on the company's payroll. The woman's identity has not been made known to the public. When a video of her arguing inside a Waffle House went viral, she recently made headlines.

Furthermore, Georgia is where the incident occurred. The woman was engaging numerous opponents and displaying outstanding combat prowess in the video. Social media swiftly caught wind of the argument. Many people appreciated the woman and believed the UFC should make advantage of her abilities.

“Dana White needs to sign that girl from the Waffle House video,” one person tweeted.

Another fan, meanwhile reminded Dana White of the time when he hired someone for stopping shoplifting.

“DANA WHITE with the UFC hired the large Hawaiian girl who stopped that guy from shoplifting at Best Buy.  He gave her a job with UFC security.  I think this Waffle House white girl needs a similar UFC deal,” the user wrote on Twitter.

Another cheeky tweet said how UFC can use Waffle House as a recruitment area.

“Dana white better start recruiting from Waffle House lol”

You can see the video below, if you missed it.


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