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Combat Sambo Legend Vladyslav Rudniev Makes MMA Debut at BRAVE CF 74

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation is primed to introduce the world to Vladyslav Rudniev. On September 7th, at BRAVE CF 74, the globe-trotting MMA organization will unveil the Ukrainian Lightweight sensation to fans worldwide.

While his name may not be immediately familiar to all, Rudniev brings an exceptional pedigree to the cage, rarely seen among MMA debutants. Boasting an unblemished record of 6-0, Rudniev is heralded as Ukraine's preeminent combat sambo fighter, setting him apart as one of the country's most distinguished martial artists. His journey in MMA commences on September 7th when he squares off against Anthony Dizy in the co-main event of BRAVE CF 74.

Rudniev's remarkable combat sambo career is underscored by his astounding achievement of clinching the world championship title four consecutive times, an unparalleled feat in two different weight classes (74kg and 79kg). Notably, his record boasts twice as many titles as the next top combat sambo world champion from Ukraine. What makes Rudniev's transition to MMA even more impressive is his unwavering commitment to BRAVE CF, as he always envisaged his MMA career culminating in a debut for the renowned promotion.

"My idea was always to excel in MMA and to fight specifically for BRAVE CF. I always knew I would be fighting for them, and now is the time. I promise the fans not just a finish but also the 'Fight of the Night.' It will be the most exciting fight in France, for sure," stated one of the most promising prospects in the world of mixed martial arts.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid, a seasoned observer of rising talents, holds Rudniev in high regard, recognizing his immense potential. In a recent episode of Hawk's Corner, Shahid emphasized Rudniev's exceptional status in the world of combat sports, especially in Ukraine.

"When you're looking at amateur MMA fights for Vladyslav, and there's nothing behind him, but [he's a] Ukrainian combat sambo legend. We're talking about a legend in a sport in Ukraine, being here," noted Shahid.

Rudniev's accomplishments are not confined to mere championship titles; he has carved a niche for himself as a four-time consecutive champion in two distinct weight divisions, setting him apart from competitors who have achieved this feat only twice.

BRAVE CF 74 is slated to unfold at the H Arena in Nantes, France, in collaboration with leading organization Hexagone MMA. This event marks an extraordinary milestone as it transforms France into the 29th nation to host a BRAVE CF show, solidifying BRAVE Combat Federation's status as a trailblazer in the MMA industry. No other promotion has achieved such a remarkable global presence.


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