BRAVE CF 74: France Becomes 29th Nation to Host the Global MMA Phenomenon

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07 September 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation, an organization known for redefining the world of MMA, continues its record-breaking journey as it gears up for its latest event, BRAVE CF 74, set to take place in Nantes, France. This landmark occasion will see France become the 29th nation to host the prestigious BRAVE CF brand, thanks to a collaboration with leading French organization Hexagone MMA.

In just under seven years since its inception, BRAVE Combat Federation has left an indelible mark on the global MMA landscape, venturing to nearly every corner of the world. From the Middle East in Bahrain to the heart of Europe in Germany, from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil to the cultural richness of India, and from the historic settings of Jordan to the scenic beauty of Sweden, BRAVE CF has truly transcended borders.

The year 2022 stood out as a milestone year for BRAVE CF, as it expanded its global reach by introducing three new nations to its list of host countries. BRAVE CF 58 took place in Incheon, South Korea, while BRAVE CF 59 found its home in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and BRAVE CF 61 made its mark in Bonn, Germany. Each event showcased the organization's commitment to spreading the excitement of MMA across the globe.

With BRAVE CF's highly anticipated debut in France on the horizon, the organization has embarked on a journey down memory lane. A series of clips from previous events across the world have been released as a tribute to the brand's global success and the unforgettable moments it has created over the years.

These video clips, featuring highlights from events in Jordan, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Morocco, and Colombia, have resonated deeply with the passionate fanbase of BRAVE Combat Federation. Fans have eagerly shared their heartfelt memories, reliving the epic moments that have unfolded in sold-out arenas and from the comfort of their own homes.

As BRAVE CF 74 approaches, anticipation is building not only among MMA enthusiasts but also within the global MMA community. Nantes, France, is set to become the latest chapter in BRAVE CF's remarkable journey, as the organization continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of sport and entertainment.


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