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BRAVE CF 74: Vladislav Rudnev ready to step into the spotlight

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

In the upcoming month, the anticipation is building as BRAVE Combat Federation gears up to bring an electrifying event to Nantes, France. Amid the exhilarating lineup, the spotlight shines on Vladislav Rudnev, poised to put his pristine 6-0 record on the line against French contender Axel Sola in a sizzling lightweight showdown.

As the countdown begins, the age-old adage rings true - the clash guarantees that someone's '0' will face its reckoning. Yet, intriguingly, despite the anticipation surrounding the upcoming barnburner, much about Rudnev remains a mystery as he prepares to enter the BRAVE promotion.

Hailing from Ukraine, Rudnev is widely acclaimed as the nation's preeminent combat sambo exponent. His illustrious accolades include being a four-time world champion in this discipline, showcasing his mastery across various weight categories with three titles at 74kg and a triumph at 79kg.

While his journey in mixed martial arts has predominantly unfolded at welterweight, the 27-year-old is poised to make a bold move to the 155-pound lightweight division on September 7. The audacious shift signals his confidence in embracing this challenge. Moreover, activity is no issue for Rudnev, as he embarks on his third appearance in 2023, following triumphs over Ion Petrov and Mikołaj Krukowski in April and May.

This pivotal juncture marks Rudnev's ascent to the echelons of stiffer competition, a transition he's been yearning for. With a diverse skill set encompassing three decision wins, two submissions, and a knockout, Rudnev emerges as a multifaceted enigma in the lead-up to BRAVE CF 74 - a bout that remains one of the most intriguing to predict.

While Axel Sola won't merely be a passive participant, Rudnev's train of momentum appears relentless. His background and accomplishments make him a force to be reckoned with, presenting a formidable challenge for any adversary.

As Nantes awaits a showdown of epic proportions, the narrative unfolds - will the remarkable Rudnev keep his streak alive, or will Sola conjure something extraordinary to halt his ascent? The answers lie in the octagon, ready to captivate MMA enthusiasts worldwide.


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