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VIDEO: Abdu Rozik and Erali Boyqobilov steal the show with their fight at Social Knockout 3

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Calendar Icon07 July 2024

Tajikistani singer and social media influencer Abdu Rozik officially added 'boxer' to his resume after a hard-fought four-round match against Erali Boyqobilov at Social Knockout 3.

Best known for his ongoing feud with Hasbulla, Rozik’s performance in Dubai on Saturday has only heightened anticipation for a potential superfight between the two influencers. While Hasbulla has frequently challenged Rozik to fight in the past, Rozik’s willingness to step into the ring demonstrated his readiness to compete.

Influencer boxing is often criticized for its lack of technical skill, but it can captivate audiences when both competitors are eager to engage in a spirited contest. Erali Boyqobilov embraced this spirit, bringing relentless energy to the match against Rozik across four two-minute rounds. Despite Boyqobilov’s dominant performance, the bout ended with both fighters being declared champions, leaving Boyqobilov puzzled over the unexpected decision.

Rozik, although outboxed, displayed remarkable resilience by enduring numerous punches and completing the fight. His post-fight comments showcased his charismatic personality, as he criticized the decision and accused Boyqobilov of cheating.

This bout has only intensified interest in a Rozik vs. Hasbulla showdown. Far from diminishing enthusiasm, Rozik’s debut has set the stage for what could be a highly anticipated match-up, with fans now eager to see Rozik and Hasbulla face off, possibly with Boyqobilov awaiting the winner.


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