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Transgender MMA Fighter Gita Figueroa to appear on Bear Grylls show

LockerRoom Team
20 May 2023

Gita Figueroa, a transgender MMA fighter is set to appear on the Bear Grylls Show, I Survived Bear Grylls. Gita announced the news on her Twitter last day.

Figueroa made her MMA debut last year at World Class Fight League 31, fearlessly competing against men and emerging victorious. However, her second bout didn't yield the desired outcome, as she faced Shane Mistretta and suffered a defeat.

Undeterred by setbacks, Figueroa returned to the cage for her third fight, challenging Manny Pinto at World Class Fight League 33 in October 2022. Unfortunately, she encountered another defeat, succumbing to a first-round TKO.

Recently, Figueroa shifted her focus away from MMA and ventured into kickboxing. In her kickboxing debut earlier this year, she faced Brittany Vaughn, showcasing her adaptability as an athlete by securing a hard-fought split-decision victory.

Now, Figueroa is set to embark on a new adventure as a contestant on I Survived Bear Grylls. The show draws inspiration from the remarkable experiences of its host, Bear Grylls, renowned for his captivating survival series, including Man vs. Wild and Jordan Conley.

I Survived Bear Grylls challenges participants to face off against each other in a series of demanding survival tests curated by Grylls himself. The show not only examines their survival instincts and knowledge but also pushes their adaptation skills to the limits. Participants are forced to forage for food in the wild, mirroring the resourcefulness demonstrated by Grylls in his previous endeavours.

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For Gita Figueroa, this opportunity to showcase her resilience and adaptability in a different arena holds great promise. As she joins the ranks of other determined contestants on I Survived Bear Grylls, audiences eagerly await the thrilling and awe-inspiring survival challenges that lie ahead.

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