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IIia Topuria can bang up Islam Makhachev, says coach Jorge Climent

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Calendar Icon15 March 2024

In a strategic move aimed at solidifying Ilia Topuria's status as a dominant force in the UFC, his head coach Jorge Climent has set his sights on a potential showdown with reigning lightweight champion Islam Makhachev. With Topuria's recent conquest of the UFC featherweight title by dethroning Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298, Climent envisions a future where Topuria emerges as a two-division UFC champion.

Speaking exclusively to MMA Junkie in Spanish, Climent expressed his eagerness for Topuria to pursue the most significant challenges to leave behind a lasting legacy. He emphasized his personal preference for a matchup against Makhachev, citing Topuria's capabilities to excel in multiple weight classes. Climent believes Topuria's skill set positions him as a formidable opponent for Makhachev, drawing parallels to Volkanovski's recent performance against the lightweight champion.

Topuria's recent victory over Volkanovski has elevated his status within the UFC, prompting Climent to contemplate the next strategic move for his protege. While acknowledging the possibility of a rematch between Topuria and Volkanovski, Climent advocates for a clash against Makhachev as the optimal trajectory for Topuria's career progression. He maintains that regardless of timing, a matchup between Topuria and Makhachev remains a compelling prospect for both fighters and fans alike.

"I think right now it would be a great time for this," Climent asserted. "I think that it would be huge, and then after we can defend against Volkanovski or even the other one (155 title), who knows. There are so many possibilities open."

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As speculation mounts surrounding Topuria's future opponents, Climent's strategic insight and confidence in his fighter's abilities signal an exciting chapter ahead in Topuria's UFC journey. With the potential for a historic clash against Makhachev on the horizon, Topuria's ascent to UFC greatness continues to captivate the MMA world.


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