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Indian Muay Thai Champion Tei Nabam's Title Defense Ends in Tough Loss

LockerRoom Team
31 December 2023

In an event that unfolded this past weekend, Indian Muay Thai sensation Tei Nabam, also known as Kompetch, defended his 145 lbs title at the renowned Patong Boxing Stadium in Thailand on December 21, 2023. The highly anticipated bout was filled with skill, determination, and the resilient spirit of a true warrior.

Tei Nabam, bearing the nickname "Kompetch" or "Unbreakable Diamond" in English, entered the ring prepared to put his title on the line. The moniker, bestowed upon him by his Gym Boss in accordance with Thai tradition, symbolized Tei's indomitable spirit and steadfast commitment to the sport.

Scheduled as Fight Number 4 on the card, the event was broadcast live on the Singpatong Official YouTube Channel, allowing global audiences to witness the thrilling showdown. Despite the anticipation, news has emerged of a challenging outcome for Tei Nabam in his title defence.

In a hard-fought battle, the Indian Muay Thai champion faced a Brazilian opponent at the Patong Boxing Stadium. The contest went the full five rounds, ultimately concluding in a decision favouring Tei's adversary, who claimed the title in a well-deserved victory.

This setback marks a new chapter for Tei Nabam, who now faces the challenge of regaining his status as a dominant force in the 145 lbs category.


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