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VIDEO: How tag team boxing played out at Misfits Boxing 5

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Calendar Icon04 March 2023

The first-ever tag-team fight in boxing will feature IcePoseidon and Anthony Vargas taking on Luis Pineda and BDave.

As part of his efforts to make the sport more exciting, YouTube star KSI has now introduced the wrestling idea to the realm of boxing. The YouTuber-turned-promoter of the Misfits Boxing X Series has planned a first-ever tag-team bout including some of the more well-known figures in the organisation, including his former foe Luis Pineda and BDave.

This weekend's event will be a first of its sort because only the wrestling firms AEW and WWE have ever used the structure. KSI has stated his enthusiasm for the idea, and despite widespread concerns about the safety of the fighters, this weekend's event in Telford will go ahead.

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The tag-team matches will include two teams of two combatants each, with one fighter from each team battling in the ring according to standard boxing rules. Each team's inactive fighter will wait for their teammate to tag them into a fight while standing on the canvas outside the ropes. They are not permitted to interfere.

The team member who enters the ring first for the start of each stanza shall be determined between each round, however the opposing fighter cannot do so concurrently with his partner. The referee for the evening will be in charge of the action and able to judge who is flouting the combat regulations.

A fighter can indicate a tag by raising their hand in the air during a lull in the action of the match; however, the gesture is not permitted when the opposing teams are trading blows. Once their teammate has been "tagged" in as a replacement opponent, they can go on to their corner and switch places with them.

If both fighters opt to call in their colleagues, the fighter who was tagged in must wait for the referee's signal and wait in the corner before the action can continue. The other team member must continue fighting in the ring if the replacement is unwilling to go in.

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Tag-team fights follow standard boxing regulations, and the referee has the authority to halt a match before the final chimes. The judges will also compile scorecards for the fight, and they will treat a team of two fighters as one for the purposes of calculating the scoring per round. If a fighter is unable to continue, the referee may declare a technical knockout even if their opponent is in good condition.

You can watch the video below.


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