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Adventures of Stamp Fairtex in USA: Funny video gains attention on social media

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon05 March 2024

Stamp Fairtex, the reigning ONE Atomweight MMA Champion hailing from Thailand, has embarked on an exciting adventure exploring American culture during her stay in the country. Known as one of the biggest stars on the ONE Championship roster, Stamp's journey in the USA was documented in a captivating video collaboration titled "Stamp Adventure’s In The USA – Lost Episode – The Pet Pig."

In the video, Stamp takes viewers along on her seminar tour across the United States, providing a unique glimpse into her experiences beyond the cage. The adventure begins as Stamp and her crew visit Maine, where they are warmly hosted by the team at Nostos MMA.

During her time in Maine, Stamp encounters a delightful surprise – a pet pig, adding an unexpected and charming twist to her USA exploration. Additionally, Stamp indulges in one of Maine's culinary delights, enjoying delicious lobster rolls, a quintessential East Coast delicacy.

You can see the video below:


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