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Spartans Fight Night: Full Fight Card and Preview

LockerRoom Team
23 August 2023

Spartans Fight Night which happens on 27 August 2023 in Kochi, India promises to deliver an evening filled with adrenaline-pumping action and fierce competition.

With a carefully curated fight card that boasts a diverse lineup of fighters from different regions and backgrounds, this event is set to be a thrilling display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

You can check out the highlights of the fight card below.

Vaishnavi Gandhi vs. Sreejitha: Battle of Emerging Strawweight

In the Strawweight division, two young contenders, Vaishnavi Gandhi and Sreejitha, are set to clash. Vaishnavi, hailing from Total Combat Fitness in Maharashtra, has honed her skills under the tutelage of renowned Indian MMA fighter Balkrishna Shetty. On the other side, Sreejitha, representing United Fight Club in Kerala and trained by coach Arjun Premkumar, brings her own arsenal of techniques.

Lionel Hupping vs. Samid Rahman: Muay Thai Mastery

Lionel Hupping, a seasoned warrior with a Muay Thai background, steps into the Welterweight division against the formidable Samid Rahman from Kerala. Hupping, hailing from Supremacy India Fight Team, is known for his striking prowess and experience in the ring. Samid, trained by Praveen Raj at Blacktigers, is set to test his skills against the seasoned veteran.

Hameem Ahmed vs. Yuvraj Shreenath: Lightweight Showdown

In the Lightweight category, Hameem Ahmed from Falcons MMA in Kerala faces off against Yuvraj Shreenath Gupta from MMA Warriors in Maharashtra. Ahmed, under the guidance of coach Haleem Muqsith, brings his versatility to the cage, while Yuvraj, trained by Michael Pereira, aims to showcase his own skill set.

Rahul vs. Suraj Kesri: Strawweight Muay Thai Clash

The Strawweight Muay Thai bout features Rahul from AGFC Calicut taking on Suraj Kesri from Devda Martial Arts Academy in Madhya Pradesh. Rahul's training under Rahanesh has shaped his approach, while Suraj's affiliation with Devda Martial Arts Academy adds depth to his striking game.

Shoeb Ali vs. Salman Khan: Lightweight Muay Thai Duel

In an exciting turn of events, the anticipated matchup between Shoeb Ali and Asim Dayani has been called off. Instead, Shoeb Ali, representing Supremacy India hailing from West Bengal, is now set to face off against Muhammad Salman of Kerala. Muhammad Salman is proudly associated with the Johny Brothers Fight Club in Trivandrum.

This Lightweight Muay Thai clash promises an electrifying spectacle as Shoeb Ali steps into the ring once again. Previously set to take on Asim Dayani, this sudden change in opponent has injected a new wave of anticipation into the matchup. Shoeb Ali's training journey under the guidance of Lionel Hupping, who himself is a participant in this event, adds an intriguing layer to his performance.

Shoeb Ali, representing Supremacy India in West Bengal, enters the ring against Asim Dayani from Star Martial Arts Fitness Club in Telangana in the Lightweight Muay Thai contest. Shoeb's training under Lionel Hupping adds an intriguing layer to the matchup, as his coach is also participating in the event. 

Kids Muay Thai Showdown

Spartans Fight Night will showcase a captivating kids' Muay Thai bout, starring the 8-year-old prodigy Rizwan PT. Hailing from Yin Yang SMA and honing a unique wushu fighting style under the guidance of Coach Jereesh K, Rizwan brings remarkable skills beyond his years to the ring. He's set to clash with 10-year-old Veerabhadran Praveen from Spartans Martial Arts and Fitness, under the mentorship of Abhay Saju. This intergenerational showdown promises an enthralling display of youthful energy, technique, and determination, as these budding fighters step into the spotlight, embodying the future of martial arts.

Animish Dighe vs. Deenadayal: Lightweight Muay Thai Challenge

Animish Dighe, fighting out of Total Combat Fitness in Maharashtra under Balkrishna Shetty, goes head-to-head with Deenadayal from Chinese Ken PO in Calicut, Kerala, trained by Manoj Mahadeva.

The Spartans Fight Night is not only a celebration of martial arts and combat sports but also marks the grand inauguration of the Spartans Martial Arts and Fitness gym.

Scheduled for August 27, 2023, the event will commence with the gym's inauguration at 10 AM, followed by the exhilarating fights starting at 6:30 PM (Indian time). The gym, nestled near Sunrise Hospital in Manath Road, Thrikkakara, Kakanad, Cochin, is spearheaded Joys Varghese.

Spartans Fight Night: Full Fight Card: 27 August 2023 at 6:30 PM Indian Time

  • Sreejitha vs. Vaishnavi Gandhi (Strawweight MMA Fight)
  • Lionel Hupping vs. Samid Rahman (Welterweight MMA Fight)
  • Hameem Ahmed vs. Yuvraj Shreenath (Lightweight MMA Fight)
  • Rahul vs. Suraj Kesri (Strawweight Muay Thai Fight)
  • Shoeb Ali vs. Salman Khan (Lightweight Muay Thai Fight)
  • Rizwan PT vs. Veerabhadran Praveen (Kids Muay Thai)
  • Animish Dighe vs. Deenadayal (Lightweight Muay Thai Fight)

The event will be streamed live on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel. Tune in for the updates.


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