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Kerala Silat Team Gears Up for National Games 2023 in Goa

LockerRoom Team
10 October 2023

As the 37th edition of the National Games approaches, the Kerala Silat Team is in full swing, intensifying their preparations to showcase their prowess in the martial art of Silat. Silat, a traditional Southeast Asian martial art, is known for its fluid movements, unique techniques, and cultural significance.

Leading the pack is Vishnu Drona, who discovered Silat in 2017 and has been honing his skills since 2019. Describing Silat as a "friendly game," Vishnu Drona embodies the spirit of camaraderie that the sport promotes. Athira, another key player in the Kerala Silat Team, embarked on her combat sports journey with Taekwondo before seamlessly transitioning to Silat over a year ago.

Both Vishnu Drona and Athira hail from the vibrant city of Calicut and trains at the Kempo Club, bringing a blend of experience and enthusiasm to the team. Alongside them, the formidable trio of Sreejita MS, Aan Mariya Abraham, and Alshifna Shihab will represent Kerala under the Pencak Silat Association of Kerala at the National Games in Goa led by Coach Shaj SK. 

The Pencak Silat Association of Kerala has been instrumental in fostering Silat competitions across the state in recent years. The commitment and dedication of the athletes, coupled with the association's leadership, have propelled Silat into the mainstream of Kerala's sporting landscape.

The National Games are slated to take place in Goa from October 26 to November 9. The technical committee of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had tentatively announced the dates in June, pending confirmation of the daily schedule, which has now been ratified.

The National Games serve as India’s domestic Olympic-style extravaganza, where athletes from various states and Union Territories compete for medals and glory. The event not only celebrates the athletic prowess of the participants but also fosters a spirit of unity and healthy competition across the nation.

As the Kerala Silat Team readies itself to showcase the ancient art of Silat on the national stage, the anticipation among sports enthusiasts in Kerala is palpable.

The team's diverse skill set and passion for Silat promise to make them formidable contenders at the National Games 2023 in Goa. The state watches with bated breath as these skilled athletes prepare to leave an indelible mark on the prestigious sporting event.


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