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She is teasing us: Fans find weird habit of Alexa Grasso in new photo

LockerRoom Team
03 June 2024

In a lighthearted twist, UFC Flyweight Champion Alexa Grasso has left fans both amused and puzzled with a quirky habit revealed in a recent photo. The image, shared post-training session, shows Grasso wearing a sock on only one foot. This unusual choice has sparked a wave of reactions from her followers.

Some fans couldn’t resist making jokes about the one-sock trend, with one commenting, "Only one foot? Two are too much!" Others turned their attention to her upcoming fight, with one remarking, "Babe, your grappling isn’t going to work against Valentina this time, sorry." Another fan playfully added, "The teasing. She knows what she is doing."

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Grasso's unique style has certainly captured the imagination of her fans, adding a fun twist to the anticipation of her next fight.


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