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MMA is the greatest sport in the world, says Sean Strickland

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Calendar Icon28 March 2023

Sean Strickland and his Twitter page are hands down one of the most happening places on the internet at the moment.

Recently, Strickland had taken on Greta Thunberg when he called out the environmentalist for using a phone and contradicting everything she is saying.

And now, Strickland has noted that MMA is the greatest sport in the world while taking shots at Football, Basketball and Baseball.

“MMA is the greatest sport in the world... Put a gun to your head and tell you to play in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, it doesn't matter... YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT and you're going to finish..... Ain't happening in the UFC. You must respect the simple brutality of MMA,” he tweeted last day.

Meanwhile, a user replied that MMA is not a sport but entertainment.

“MMA is not a sport. It's entertainment. Title fights and ranking aren't based on merits or competition but rather solely on popularity and "who can sell the most PPVs". If sports were that way, then the teams with the most popular fan bases would be in the championship games.”

Another user, meanwhile, pointed out the huge pay difference between all the sports.

“You know the difference between mma and all the other sports you named? The other sports people are getting paid 20+ million a year. Teams can sign a random person and they'll get a minimum 2 million a year. A new UFC fighter gets 12k to show +12k to win while taking more damage”

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In an unrelated tweet, He interestingly had high praise for Hyundai as well and detailed why he has a Hyundai Accent.

“This is why I bought a @Hyundai_Global accent and why Hyundai sales are up 70 per cent. The company committed to keeping the price at or below msrp” he had replied to one of the tweets.

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What are your thoughts on these random tweets from Strickland? Let us know in the comments below.


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