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I pay for everything: Sean O Malley justifies the open relationship with wife

LockerRoom Team
05 September 2023

In a stunning victory, Sean O’Malley ascended to the summit of the UFC last weekend by defeating Aljamain Sterling and securing his first-ever championship since joining the company. The bantamweight title now rested firmly on O'Malley's shoulders, marking a significant milestone in his career.

However, it wasn't O’Malley's triumphant victory that dominated the headlines this week, but rather his comments about his unconventional relationship with his wife, Daya Gonzalez, that sparked a social media frenzy.

O’Malley had candidly discussed his open relationship with Gonzalez during an appearance on "RawTalk" before his bout with Sterling. He offered an unapologetic perspective on why he believed his extramarital escapades were justified and how they coexisted with his championship aspirations.

"I’m a king; I pay for everything," O’Malley declared, as reported by the New York Post. "I treat Danya like a queen. If I get a little p---- on the side, what does that have to do with anything? I have testosterone running through my veins. It’s that f---ing simple."

O’Malley went on to explain that his success and status were the key factors behind his open relationship stance. He firmly asserted that if he were an average individual without his accomplishments, his behavior might not be deemed as fair. But as he proudly proclaimed, "I’m f---ing King Kong, baby."

His reference to Andrew Tate's views on the importance of status in such dynamics only added fuel to the fire, further emphasizing the significance he attached to his achievements.

"Suga" O’Malley had initially broached the topic of his open relationship with Gonzalez back in 2020. At that time, he expressed his willingness to accommodate her desires if she ever sought the same freedom, acknowledging that it wouldn't be an easy journey for either of them.

Their story took a turn in late 2020 when the couple welcomed a child into their lives, marking a new chapter in their unconventional relationship.

As Sean O’Malley continues to bask in the glory of his UFC championship win, his outspoken views on his open relationship have ignited a fervent debate about personal choices, success, and the boundaries of love and commitment. Regardless of where one stands on this issue, there's no denying that "Suga" O’Malley's journey from UFC glory to controversy has added a fascinating layer to his story in the world of mixed martial arts


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