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Sean O Malley says that Conor McGregor might be jealous of him

LockerRoom Team
08 May 2024

The recent tension between UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley and Conor McGregor has been attributed to Conor's social media post criticizing O’Malley and boxer Ryan Garcia for their failed drug tests. McGregor's remarks drew a response from O’Malley during a podcast episode this week, where O’Malley expressed disappointment in McGregor's comments and voiced support for Michael Chandler to defeat McGregor in their upcoming bout.

In a recent interview with Bradley Martyn, O’Malley offered his perspective on McGregor’s criticism, suggesting that McGregor's animosity stemmed from jealousy rather than O’Malley's past drug test failures. O’Malley speculated that McGregor, feeling threatened by O’Malley's rising success, may be envious of his trajectory in the sport.

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug. He was probably shadowboxing in the bathroom at a f*cking club, and I get it. I do think there was a lot of jealousy [in his post],” O’Malley commented during the interview.

O’Malley also hinted at past interactions with McGregor, indicating that McGregor wanted O’Malley to join his management company but O’Malley declined. This refusal, coupled with O’Malley's burgeoning popularity, may have contributed to McGregor's apparent resentment.

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Both O’Malley and McGregor are currently focused on their respective fights. McGregor is scheduled to return at UFC 303 on June 29th against Michael Chandler, while O’Malley is preparing for his second bantamweight title defense against Merab Dvalishvili later this year.


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